June 6th, 2011

Bleed Across The Horizon

[AI8 Podfic] Here in Secret Harmonies by miss_begonia

Title: Here in Secret Harmonies
Author: miss_begonia
Pairing: Adam/Kris, guest-starring pretty much everyone from S8 of American Idol
Rating: R
Words: ~18,000
Warning(s): Underage shenanigans. Use and abuse of Harry Potter.
Note: Title taken from “A Kind of Magic” by Queen.
Summary: Harry Potter!AU, in which there are wizards, witchcraft, and wizardry. And a lot of singing.
“You have a gift, Adam,” Professor Abdul says. “You have a gift you must share with the world, and you will be beautiful when you share it, but you must beware of those who seek to take you down.” Adam is shaking, and his hands are slick with sweat. “Beware, Adam,” Professor Abdul says, and her voice sounds far away. “The darkness – it will feel like a kiss—”

Reader's notes: This was recorded for my lovley anobakitay as she travels far and long! Safe travels <3
Thank you so much to miss_begonia for allowing to me to podfic this, it's been so much fun.

MP3 || Length: 2:19:39 hrs || Size: 127.9mb