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Podfic masterlist



Author Story Series Rating Time
abusing_sarcasm Number Twenty PG-13 12:06
abusing_sarcasm Pop Goes The World R 46:26
abusing_sarcasm Spun Spun Verse PG-13 31:36
adelate Daytime TV and Fighting Dragons G 4:35
adelate We'd Be Good, We'd Be Great PG-13 17:31
aneas THE LOVE OF MY FUCKING LIFE Mature 1:14:31
aneas Adam's place G 6:42
aneas Too Mer To Woo Peaceably Mer! verse Mature 1:03:08
anobakitay Adam and [His Newly Found Dislike of] Matt Bomer Adam and Matt Bomer PG-13 6:25
anobakitay [I Am Not] Moping Adam and Matt Bomer PG 6:34
anobakitay I've Got My Claim [I Think] Adam and Matt Bomer PG 4:23
anobakitay Kris and [his newly found dislike of] bass players PG-13 9:09
anobakitay Tease [a collection of drabbles] PG 9:30
anobakitay just a makeshift tree PG 9:05
astolat Somnambulism NC-17 21:56
bright_lights28 Always A Holiday R 43:07
bright_lights28 Raise Your Hopeful Voice Raise Your Hopeful Voice NC-17 2:00:25
bright_lights28 Someday Is Now Raise Your Hopeful Voice PG 8:26
bright_lights28 The Christmas Song Raise Your Hopeful Voice PG 26:26
bright_lights28 Simple Pleasures Raise Your Hopeful Voice G 4:26
bright_lights28 Three Months Raise Your Hopeful Voice PG-13 12:42
bright_lights28 Finally Home Raise Your Hopeful Voice PG-13 10:07
bubby_wubby S'mores PG-13 31:04
bubby_wubby Someone Like You PG-15 17:05
butterfly Melt Into Time NC-17 2:31:30
catalm Clocks Keep Ticking, Years Go By PG-13 24:38
cathalin Blind Date NC-17 10:42
cathalin Curtain Shopping PG 10:41
cathalin No R 38:07
claire_kay Accidental PG-13 13:24
claire_kay Encounters PG-13 9:55
claire_kay Everything I Had PG-13 23:30
claire_kay High time we make a stand PG-13 11:52
claire_kay it's the little things you do NC-17 25:04
claire_kay Pie combined with pennilesspoet17 *Pie* PG 14:33
claire_kay This world you must have crossed PG-13 1:05:32
condancer What Happened In Vegas Vegas Verse NC-17 49:16
cydsa Baby, It's Cold Outside PG-13 8:40
cydsa Easy Does It PG-15 21:09
cydsa Evil Tastes Kinda Chalky NC-17 2:45:31
cydsa Holy Cow, I Love Your Eyes NC-17 26:34
cydsa Oops, I Did It Again PG 14:28
cydsa Take Me Where I've Never Been NC-17 35:58
cydsa Too Hot The Eye Of Heaven Shines NC-17 1:56:11
dazzamre Hearts that Break Still Beat On R 54:10
gypsy_scribbles Blind Leading The Blind Blind Date NC-17 55:18
gypsy_scribbles Waking Up Blind Date PG-13 10:05
house_of_lantis Anything NC-17 45:41
house_of_lantis Other Duties As Assigned? I *Am* A Real Boy, You Idiot R 36:09
house_of_lantis The American Veela Harry Potter fusion PG-16 19:46
itsmadeofgold Start On The Inside (Work Your Way Out) R 1:10:41
jerakeen Beep! I *Am* A Real Boy, You Idiot PG-13 12:16
jerakeen Golden Harry Potter fusion NC-17 16:08
jerakeen Hands Down (this is the best day I can ever remember) NC-17 19:50
jerakeen Lambent PG-15 30:46
jerakeen Shelter G 7:00
jerakeen Summertime (Run Away With Me) NC-17 2:26:28
kissoffools Hold Onto My Sweater, Boy PG-13 13:44
lady_michaelis The Adventures of Krista Allen Krista Allen NC-17 58:48
moirariordan off with your head (we started nothing) NC-17 5:24:16
nikkikitty Getting Lost R 15:00
nikkikitty Not A Date PG-13 18:37
pennilesspoet17 Are you being served? (Candy Hearts) PG 9:19
pennilesspoet17 Pie combined with claire_kay *Pie* PG 14:33
pennilesspoet17 Rewrite Our Story & Our Souls Will Be Okay PG-13 20:46
pennilesspoet17 Send Me All Your Angels Send Me All Your Angels NC-17 58:01
pennilesspoet17 Sleepwalker NC-17 24:06
pennilesspoet17 You Owe Me Some Kind Of Love PG-13 11:31
poppetawoppet Five Funerals And A Wedding PG-13 25:07
poppetawoppet Kris Allen and the Giant Squid, or How the Forest at Hogwarts Became Forbidden Harry Potter fusion PG 16:01
samanthahirr Kissing Games PG-13 14:17
samanthahirr The Alderman Ford Touch-A-Thon Event NC-17 1:49:39
samanthahirr That's Money, Honey PG-13 17:35
seleneheart A Mother's Work Is Never Done A Mother's Work PG 9:22
seleneheart Maybe Next Time A Mother's Work PG-13 13:23
spikedluv Red Carpet Reveal PG-13 25:28
sweet_poeia Sugar Rush PG 10:06
sweet_poeia Till There Was You PG-13 50:07
sweet_poeia Vanilla PG-15 14:21
trueroyalty Liar Dragonette Verse R 25:20
trueroyalty Pick Up The Phone Dragonette Verse NC-17 1:04:51

Other American Idol RPF

Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
abusing_sarcasm tucked in and buttoned down Anoop/Megan unrated 4:01
abusing_sarcasm Not a college girl Anoop/Megan unrated 3:39
abusing_sarcasm the Quiet Guys Kris/Anoop unrated 6:56
catalm Cruel to be Kind Adam/Anoop, mentions Adam/Kris PG-13 14:58
celli Con Affetto Cook/Archuleta Woke Up Married (Castle crossover) PG-13 32:17
ciudad OMG! The Project Runway Cutie's Dark Secret Cook/Archuleta G 5:45
claire_kay the secret's in the telling Kris/Tommy Boys with guitars gettin' it on R 54:04
maybe77 Faerie Law Adam/Tommy NC-17 32:11
roga Post Lambert, Ergo Propter Lambert Adam gen (The West Wing crossover PG-13 22:30


Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
abusing_sarcasm Sting Kurt/Dave R 1:30:48
abusing_sarcasm Kiss My Ass Kurt/Dave Ass series NC-17 23:48
amontillado Romance for the Unloved Kurt/Dave PG-13 13:00
countrygirl_914 Crumbling and Rebuilding Dave gen PG-13 7:47
FF-poetikat A Thoroughly Average Boy Kurt/Dave Teen 30:47
ibshafer Landslide (Should've Seen It Coming) gen-ish (Dave, Santana) Landslide PG-13 7:26
ibshafer Don't Walk Softly (Just Carry A Big Stick) gen-ish (Dave, Santana) Landslide PG-13 11:21
tamakito Taking This One To The Grave gen-ish (Kurt, Dave, Azimio) Grave series R 34:45
what_alchemy Evolution Dave/OMCs R 24:19
whatprovidence Hush Rachel/Quinn PG-13 32:15
zerodetorres Every Smile That's Unveiled Rachel/Quinn NC-17 1:16:06


Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
tolkien_fan195 Pie From The Past Dean/Cas *Pie* G 10:30
peroxidepest17 This is a weakness Dean/Cas *Pie* PG 25:07
bellatemple Words Like Violence Sam/Jess, Dean But Deadly verse PG-13 41:40
bellatemple Second Skin Sam, Dean, Bobby But Deadly verse PG-13 30:06

Supernatural RPF

Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
itskaylie American Boys Jared/Jensen NC-17 30:21
lotrabc We're Not In Kansas Anymore Jared/Jensen (some Jensen/Misha) NC-17 3:40:33

Stargate Atlantis

Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
chandri Knitted Goods McKay/Sheppard Sweater Verse (Murder, She Wrote crossover) G 10:14
chandri Stockinette McKay/Sheppard Sweater Verse (Murder, She Wrote crossover) G 4:28
ladycat777 What Clouds Do McKay/Sheppard R 20:35

Stargate SG-1

Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
antares04a Never Trust An Artefact Jack/Daniel NC-17 26:03

Star Trek

Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
thickwithfic Sharp As Scalpels Kirk/McCoy not rated 11:05


Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
DW-epiphanyx7 The Mercy In You Scott/Logan R 9:16
DW-epiphanyx7 Unfinished Scott/Logan R 7:58

Harry Potter

Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
DW-epiphanyx7 St. Valentine's Percy/Oliver G 2:46


Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
angstslashhope Golden Ratio Jack/Ianto Mature 1:16:19
cupidsbow Expedience Jack/Ianto PG-13 8:23
cupidsbow Homme Fatal Jack/Ianto PG-13 22:05
cupidsbow Rebound Jack/Ianto PG-13 15:02
donutsweeper The Artifice of Eternity Jack HDM fusion PG 1:27
pocky_slash A Vision Too Removed To Mention Jack/Ianto PG-13 1:37:29


Author Story Pairing Series Rating Time
donutsweeper Preparing for Change Sherlock, John HDM fusion G 12:48
torakowalski The Blind Banker episode tag Sherlock, John not rated 5:04

Misc. fandoms

Fandom Author Story Pairing Rating Time
sunsetmogThe One Where Thy're All...Ducks?Frank/Gerard, Pete/MikeyPG19:44
TerminatorseperisThe Past, in Pluralvague John/CameronPG10:46

Podfic bingo card

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Neither will this one

Or this


( 12 comments — Leave a comment )
Jan. 27th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Thanks for the masterlist!
Apr. 10th, 2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
your lj still isn't pretty enough
Apr. 10th, 2011 07:41 pm (UTC)
Lol Fu

At least it's better than it was
May. 26th, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)
is this where one can come with requests?
May. 26th, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
May. 26th, 2011 02:20 pm (UTC)
The Puppy Pile by house_of_lantis! Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Jun. 10th, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
You consider requests! Yay! After seeing you in BBC Sherlock fandom (and already with some great recordings), I cannot refrain from asking.
Would you think about podding two angsty, lovely fics by verasteine, Burning Up Through Your Veins and(/or) Empty Skies?
If you are in the mood for something...longer... I would suggest A Very Cold Case by sagestreet: it simply amazing, just like a full episode of the series, and it is definitely worth reading if you don't know it!
Thanks in advance and keep on with the great job!
Jul. 19th, 2011 07:52 pm (UTC)
OOO you take requests! You have read 2 of the SGA Sweater 'Verse fics - any chance of the third?
Jul. 28th, 2011 07:39 pm (UTC)
Hey there!

I just wanted to gush at you a little about all the wonderful podfic you recorded. You are single handedly responsible for getting me into Kradam fanfic...
I don't even remember why, but I downloaded one of your podfics from... somewhere on LJ (podficcathon?) without really knowing anything about the characters and then another one and another and so on. I feel pretty bad about never commenting before, because that was like, over a month ago and I think I downloaded over 30 of your podfics since then.

So: You're awesome and I love your voice and intonation!

*goes to look through list for things she missed*
Feb. 14th, 2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
A quick question - do you have your podfics downloadable from sopmewhere else than megaupload? Because, well...

Or did I miss a post about it or something? If so, sorry.
Feb. 14th, 2012 09:28 pm (UTC)
I cross post my podfic at amplificathon and the mods there separately archive all the podfic at http://audiofic.jinjurly.com/, which is a fabulous resource for podfic.
Feb. 15th, 2012 06:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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