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My podfic bingo card...

diane_mckay's Podfic Bingo!
Read Angrily
[AI] The Love Of My Fucking Life
Record in a New Location Read with Silence
[SPN] This is a weakness
Repod Cold 2nd POV
[Glee] Hush
1st POV[AI] Start On The Inside (Work Your Way Out) Echo Effect Random Fic
[AI] off with your head (we started nothing)
[AI] OMG! The Project Runway Cutie's Dark Secret
Radio Play Style
Abridge Read Deadpan
[SPN] Pie From The Past
Wild Card! Slash Splice Fics Together
Read While Laughing
[AI] The Alderman Ford Touch-A-Thon Event
Femslash Record Standing Up Collaborate Read A Friends Fic
[AI] the secret's in the telling
Incorporate Sound Effects Unfamiliar Genre Record with your Body
[AI] Pie
Read Loudly Incorporate Verbal Effects


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Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:00 am (UTC)
gonna do a GLEE fic I believe
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:03 am (UTC)
Unfamiliar Genre
is there any genre I haven't done?

maybe pre-slash? or gen :o
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:04 am (UTC)
Read A Friend's Fic
know exactly what I'm going to do there
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:05 am (UTC)
Record In A New Location

bathroom? car?

if it was spring, I'd totally go outside
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:06 am (UTC)
Splice Fics Together
hmmmm this is so interesting, I'd have to find the right ones...
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:07 am (UTC)
1st POV
HS Kradam AU, Kris POV
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:08 am (UTC)
Read With Silence

no idea what this means
Mar. 3rd, 2011 02:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Read With Silence
The original suggestion for that prompt is here. Basically though, it means be aware of the pauses between words, sentences and paragraphs. Make sure there’s space there, use it to your advantage. I know, for me, I’m always so aware of the silences in my podfic, I speak pretty quickly normally so it’s an effort for me to slow down and keep things clear for the reader. I also make it worse by editing out my breathing noises so that can kills the spaces between words and makes everything feel rushed. I actually go back when I’m editing to add silent sections back into my podfics to make sure that the pace is ok and easy to follow.

Choosing a fic with a lot of dialogue could be a good choice for a prompt like this. A lot of the time author’s rely on visual formatting to distinguish who is speaking. If there are only two people talking it’s easy to visually show the back and forth without having to add in dialogue tags of "he said/she said." With podfic though, unless you’re doing voices it can be easy to lose track of who’s speaking in those exchanges, having proper silence in between can help clear things up though (or, at least, that’s how I deal with it).
Mar. 3rd, 2011 10:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Read With Silence
thanks! I've got to think about this one
Mar. 31st, 2011 11:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Read With Silence
what were you sort of thinking about with the prompt Radio Play Style?
Apr. 1st, 2011 01:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Read With Silence
Radio plays have a very different style and feel than podfic. They're often done with a full cast of voices (or are stories specifically suited for a single voice) and use sound effects to tell help tell the story. Dialogue tags such as "he said" "she said" are often omitted because "he" and "she" have distinctive voices. Actually, often the narrator is removed completely (or it's done in a 1st POV style), so instead of the narrator describing what the characters are doing, sound effects and additional dialogue is added to express the idea.

That's kind of a big production so you wouldn't have to incorporate all those elements into your podfic (especially since radio plays have varying degrees of those elements too). weimar27 got that square on her card and is currently organizing a larger multi-voiced project over at podfic_play and as of last week there were still some parts she needed filled. They’re doing an SPN podfic.

Hope that helps :)
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:10 am (UTC)
LMAO. that's going to be hard. lolololol

I'll have to do another fandom or something, some different slash, because all I do is slash
Mar. 3rd, 2011 09:17 am (UTC)
Read Deadpan
would have to be short cause otherwise...
Apr. 4th, 2011 12:24 am (UTC)
Gossip: Cookleta Project Runway
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