diane_mckay (diane_mckay) wrote,

My podfic bingo card...

diane_mckay's Podfic Bingo!
Read Angrily
[AI] The Love Of My Fucking Life
Record in a New Location Read with Silence
[SPN] This is a weakness
Repod Cold 2nd POV
[Glee] Hush
1st POV[AI] Start On The Inside (Work Your Way Out) Echo Effect Random Fic
[AI] off with your head (we started nothing)
[AI] OMG! The Project Runway Cutie's Dark Secret
Radio Play Style
Abridge Read Deadpan
[SPN] Pie From The Past
Wild Card! Slash Splice Fics Together
Read While Laughing
[AI] The Alderman Ford Touch-A-Thon Event
Femslash Record Standing Up Collaborate Read A Friends Fic
[AI] the secret's in the telling
Incorporate Sound Effects Unfamiliar Genre Record with your Body
[AI] Pie
Read Loudly Incorporate Verbal Effects
Tags: bingo: podfic, i spoke, masterlists
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