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Updated fanfic masterlist

So I decided to change and update my fanfiction masterlist. I'm pretty sure this is everything. Besides some ~stuff I'm working on.


This is the closest thing anybody's got
PG | spoilers for 3.10 Dream A Little Dream of Me | 1,246 words
Dean doesn't know what to think anymore, Bobby's got some answers.

American Idol RPF Kradam-wise, the lot of it.

Today is your birthday
PG | 960 words
It's Kris' birthday today.

Right Now Is All There Is
PG | unhappiness within | 636 words
Kris has a lot of feelings right now. This is where he is and he doesn't expect a change anytime soon.

You might like him when he's angry
PG-13 | references to violence | 1,253 words
This is how Kris fights.

Living Dangerously
G | 603 words
Kris didn't know he wanted this.

I don't want to lose ya
G | tour | 363 words
Kris needs more than a nap.

I wanna keep ya
G | tour, sequel to I don't want to lose ya | 216 words
Of course it didn't work. Kris can't sleep.

I didn't know what I needed
G | Set August 2009 when Adam and Kris had to go to NYC. | 600 words
Kris can't sleep.

WTF, self?
PG-13 | AU wherein Kris is not on Idol | 2,919 words
Kris is a fan, ok?

Getting Sweaty written with catalm
NC-17 | twitfic and therefore kind of crazy | 1,016 words
Kris and Adam get distracted from getting high

A feeling of light
PG-13 | futurefic | 3,419 words
Kris dreams, then buys a pineapple.

Put the stars in our eyes
PG-13 | sequel to A feeling of light | 1,111 words
The pineapple comes into play again.

Sweetness is colored black and white
G | kidfic | 1,112 words
There's a wedding. Adam wears suit and Kris makes him feel better.

Some things don't change
PG | far-futurefic | 1,089 words
Of all the seasons, Kris loved fall the most.

Hearts in wire
PG-13 | crack, graphic animal cruelty | 2,738 words
What if they were chickens? No, really.

And where have you been
PG-13 | futurefic, h/c | 2,264 words
A rainy day.

Stringing him along
NC-17 | 3,054 words
He liked to take his time and simply enjoy it, let his mouth water at the thought of it.

Money can't buy you love (but it can buy puppies)
PG-13 | transformation | 4,000 words
Adam had never told anyone his secret. It wasn’t even a really good secret.

Playing Wolf
PG-13 | roleplay | 518 words
Kris wants to play.

Werewolves do it in the dark
PG-13 | werewolfy-ness | 1,495 words
Kris considered himself a pretty laid back guy.

Hold your tongue and keep your secrets
PG | werewolfy-ness | 1,005 words
Kris knows him.

Life is worth more than just one bite
PG-13 | werewolfy-ness, WIP? | 1,650 words
Adam was terrified. Before he had never been afraid, not anything close to being terrified.

the wind flows between us
PG-13 | werewolfy-ness, WIP? | 1,052 words
When Adam was a child, his mother Leila used to tell him a story.

Bleed Across The Horizon
R | futurefic, sexual content, references to violence, angst, h/c | 7,200 words
Kris and Adam are still holding on to the past, but the days just keep coming.

Let your lips form my story
PG | AU | 1,901 words
Kris is a writer who meets Adam.

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