diane_mckay (diane_mckay) wrote,

SPN podfic

Title: On The Use of Weapons
Author: cofax
Fandom: Supernatural / Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover
Words: 1606
Summary: Ellen goes to a gun show and encounters a mother with two teenagers. Spoilers through SPN Season 2, no spoilers for TSCC beyond the premise.

MP3 || Length: 12:00 min || Size: 11.0mb

Title: Small Potatoes
Author: roque_clasique
Fandom: SPN gen
Words: 1170
Summary: Dean has a gnarly upper respiratory infection and both boys are cold and hungry and broke and tired of sitting in their car watching the snow fall. So they go have a turkey dinner at a homeless shelter.

MP3 || Length: 9:28 min || Size: 8.7mb

Title: And The Stars Through His Soul
Author: ratherastory
Fandom: SPN (Dean/Cas)
Words: 1000
Summary: 5.04 'verse. Dean and Castiel watch the sky before the world ends.

MP3 || Length: 7:48 min || Size: 7.2mb

Title: Reverence
Author: bellatemple
Fandom: SPN gen
Words: ~5500
Summary: Part Four of the But Deadly verse. The thing about faith is, you can't just have it when the good things happen. Something that Layla Rourke and Uncle Dan may learn the hard way. The podfics of the previous three parts can be found here

MP3 || Length: 36:55 min || Size: 33.8mb
Tags: fandom: supernatural, i spoke
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