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[AI8 Podfic] Here in Secret Harmonies by miss_begonia

Title: Here in Secret Harmonies
Author: miss_begonia
Pairing: Adam/Kris, guest-starring pretty much everyone from S8 of American Idol
Rating: R
Words: ~18,000
Warning(s): Underage shenanigans. Use and abuse of Harry Potter.
Note: Title taken from “A Kind of Magic” by Queen.
Summary: Harry Potter!AU, in which there are wizards, witchcraft, and wizardry. And a lot of singing.
“You have a gift, Adam,” Professor Abdul says. “You have a gift you must share with the world, and you will be beautiful when you share it, but you must beware of those who seek to take you down.” Adam is shaking, and his hands are slick with sweat. “Beware, Adam,” Professor Abdul says, and her voice sounds far away. “The darkness – it will feel like a kiss—”

Reader's notes: This was recorded for my lovley anobakitay as she travels far and long! Safe travels <3
Thank you so much to miss_begonia for allowing to me to podfic this, it's been so much fun.

MP3 || Length: 2:19:39 hrs || Size: 127.9mb
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Hey friendly sort of people! Sort of realized I haven't really made a post regarding anything except podfic for a while and since I've gotten a few suspicious people wondering if I am in fact a robot...

Weeeell. I can't say I haven't vaguely considered converting in the past few months but currently I am not a robot. So I write this to reassure you all of that.

Soooo. What's been up with me?

Well, I've been listening to Adele's album 21 almost nonstop since I got it two days ago. Bought it on vinyl which came with a digital copy so I am absolutely thrilled! I love the sound quality of vinyl. Folks, if you don't have a vinyl record player, I highly suggest you invest. BEST THING EVER. I've got a couple of newer records and a bunch of really good older stuff like Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Sinatra, etc. that I got for dirt cheap.

Anyway, off the 21 album, I've got several favs including Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire To The Rain, Someone Like You, Don't You Remember, Rumour Has It (omg damn Brit Adele, making me add a u.) I'm probably forgetting one of my favs but really the entire album is fantastic! (Although I'm not a huge fan of Lovesong, which I think may be a cover?) I know there are some of you out there, like me, who tend to get all passive-aggressive when there is something the masses overwhelmingly approve off. Which is why I did not purchase the album til a couple days ago (and no, I have still not seen Inception). BUT SERIOUSLY. I am so happy I did buy it. If only for Set Fire To The Rain, which might be my new favorite song.

Hmmm other good things...Sherlock! I fell in love with BBC's Sherlock (the modern adaption of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes) sometime last year and have of course been unable to resist watching over and over again. Well, a couple of days ago I convinced my mom to watch with me too and I made her a fan. Yay! Although, she did have some trouble understanding the British accents, which I thought was hilarious, as I hardly notice them at all anymore. I watch so much British TV, the only part of the accents that affects my viewing is how much I like them. :D

But really who could resist Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and Rupert Graves? Speaking of Graves' Lestrade, I read a truly excellent Lestrade/John Watson fic the other day. While I'm a Sherlock/John shipper (cause it's practically canon, the way the actor's discuss it) I'll read anything with my lovely Lestrade. Except Mycroft/Lestrade because I can't.

Along the lines of Sherlock, I've also begun to watch the Granada version of Sherlock Holmes, which was a television series in the 80s which kept it set in ACD's timeline of late 1800's. It's really, really good. I haven't put too much thought process into it because I've mostly been watching it late at night on Netflix. But I really enjoy it and I love the Holmes in it, even if I want to rumple his hair up lol.

Plus podfic! I've started to podfic in the various Sherlock Holmes verses that exist, particularly BBC and the 2009 movie with RDJ and Law. I do occasionally find myself slipping into a British accent and I am horrified. Because really. Bit not good. Lol, maybe someday I'll record a crack fic with a fake british accent. Sometimes it bothers me to record British characters in my American accent especially when the character feels Then I get over it cause I'd rather do it than have nothing. Hopefully others feel the same. Anyway, I'm also working on a loooong Sherlock podfic that is 31k. I absolutely love the story and it's what inspired my beginning of podficcing in the fandom. Hoping to have it done soon.

I actually had to take a day off podficcing yesterday because my allergies are being a bitch and have made an appearance along with the be damned cottonwood. (Sometimes I feel British and say things that feel British, even if they may not be British. Be damned is such a thing. As is such.) Also it's late. So yesterday, really Thursday is more accurate...I could not podfic due to excessive wheezing. blah. So I read some Pride and Prejudice fanfiction instead. On Wednesday, I only did half as much as I wanted to since I was ready to scratch my eyes out of my head. Hopefully, my allergy medicine will start to build up and take effect. Otherwise it's back to the doctor for some cingulair which is the most awesomest of allergy medicine and also the most expensive. I do have different insurance from last year however, so maybe my drug plan would better cover it. I don't know but last year I paid over $100 (really closer to $150) for a 30 day prescription. Yeah. Did not take THAT every day, but I do believe I would not have left the house that summer without it.

Otherwise...hmmm. TV? I was not very happy with Glee's season finale. The idea of them only preparing two songs one day before performing and then expecting to win was....ridiculous. As were the songs themselves. Shu continues to remain an idiot. Plus Rachel and Finn got back together which made me want to throw up a little in my mouth. Yep, throwing up in my mouth would be better than that. I ship Rachel/Quinn if anyone's wondering yo. Although I did love the Rachel & Kurt scenes in NYC. BFF please. Supernatural left me extremely upset. Because dammit. I want Cas back. They had better get him back to who he was. That is all.

Coming up! White Collar! Tuesday! I'm so excited, there are not enough words. More flail on Tuesday, I promise.

Loving the new Doctor Who series so far. The episode with the TARDIS was my favorite so far and had me crying at the end too. I'm going to miss tonight's episode though. Thank goodness for DVR!

And that's because I'm seeing Ray LaMontagne! He's playing in my area! No traveling necessary! Ray's one of my favorite singers. You've probably heard him sing Trouble, which I think was on a couple shows or commercials. If you check him out, my personal favorite song of his is Empty off his album Gossip in the Grain. But yeah, everything. Beg Steal or Borrow. Leaving New York City. Lesson Learned. You Can Bring Me Flowers.

Work? Is work. It's getting dang hot somedays and all the old folks are complaining it's cold, so I sweat to death. A nurse I dislike to the extreme is leaving! A bit random but...even though it is sometimes required of me, I refuse to learn to make coffee. It's not information my brain wishes to know. Also, Chicken a la king is disgusting at a hospital. Never order it. PB & J's are also not recommended.

Podfic. I've been doing a lot. Lots of different fandom too, which is fun. Been trolling through the blanket permission lists. Besides the Sherlock one previously mentioned, I'm in the middle of a Supernatural series in which Dean is mute, so it's interesting speaking signed words. Also been doing a Sherlock Holmes series which becomes a threesome. Then there's various odds stories that I love. Also I'm working on a nice long Kradam podfic for my lovely anobakitay to take with her as she jets across the world. My deadline for that is this Monday!

With amplificathon wrapping up in a couple of weeks, expect more podfic coming! June 20 is the end date I believe (I really should double check). AND I WANT TO WIN. grrr. lol.

Um. it's late and this is long. so. goodnight.
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[Podfic] Torchwood & SPN


Title: Lost and Found
Author: kaneko
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa
Rating: explicit
Words: 3,642
Summary: Straddled over the rift, the Hub was a place where things were lost and found. Strange objects washed in like driftwood. Things went missing. There was never any sign of where they'd gone.

MP3 || Length: 29:10 min || Size: 26.8mb


Title: Restore
Author: roque_clasique
Characters: Castiel, Claire Novak
Words: 939
Summary: Claire couldn’t say what made her turn around

MP3 || Length: 8:19 min || Size: 7.7mb

Title: Silent Water
Author: bellatemple
Category: SPN, AU, Gen, drama
Rating: Teen
Warnings: AU, some language ; spoilers for "Dead in the Water"
Characters: Sam, Dean, Andrea and Lucas Barr, OFC
Disclaimer: The characters and basic premise within are property of Warner Bros, Eric Kripke, etc. No money is being made off this work of fiction.
Note: Third in the But Deadly 'verse. Reading the other two, Words Like Violence and Second Skin would probably be helpful to understanding this one. Both of the these stories have previously been podficced here and here
Summary: Two little boys who don't speak, and how they find ways to communicate, anyway.

MP3 || Length: 26:37 min || Size: 24.4mb
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Podfic: Sherlock (BBC) & Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock (BBC)

Title: Home
Author: Resonant
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Words: 3,100
Summary: "Right, then," said Sherlock. "I'll need you out by the thirtieth."

MP3 || Length: 23:21 min || Size: 21.4mb

Title: Contact
Author: Resonant
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Words: ~600
Summary: "I require close physical contact in order to continue functioning with this level of muscle tension," Sherlock announced. "But I don't wish to have sex."

MP3 || Length: 3:22 min || Size: 3.1mb

Title: Murderous, Co-Dependent
Author: rageprufrock
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Words: 1,879
Summary: It's an uncomfortable and telling measure of the depth of Lestrade's parental guilt that he acquires not one, but two kittens.

MP3 || Length: 12:57 min || Size: 11.9mb

Title: Homemaking
Author: rageprufrock
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Words: 4,535
Summary: The original plan for returning to England involved fucking around being shellshocked and suffering mandatory post-combat counseling and physical therapy to dissect the shattered mosaic of his feelings. That's not quite how it goes.

MP3 || Length: 32:22 min || Size: 29.7mb

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

The following stories are all part of lalaietha's Clever Woman, Doctor's Wife, of which I plan to continue podficcing. These three stories focus on Mary Morstan's childhood and how she became a woman whom John Watson would so admire. The series continues into and beyond the film.

Title: Aunt Emma
Author: recessional (on DW)/ lalaietha (on AO3)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Characters/Pairings: Mary Morstan, OFC
Summary: In which an aunt acts out of concern for a clever niece, in a world that doesn't necessarily like clever women very much - or at all.

MP3 || Length: 7:08 min || Size: 6.6mb

Title: The Tendencies of Power
Author: recessional (on DW)/ lalaietha (on AO3)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Characters/Pairings: Mary Morstan, OFC
Summary: In which Mary and her aunt have a conversation about being a woman.

MP3 || Length: 8:45 min || Size: 8.1mb

Title: The Following Past
Author: recessional (on DW)/ lalaietha (on AO3)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Characters/Pairings: Mary Morstan, OFC
Summary: In which there is an unhappy family appearance.

MP3 || Length: 6:37 min || Size: 6.1mb

Stories were recorded with author permission. All of my podfic can be found here.
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[AI8 Podfic]

Title: Message in a Bottle
Author: sweet_poeia
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Rating: PG-13
Words: 4,500
Summary: The boys find each other by way of bottle. Adam is not what Kris expected.

MP3 || Length: 32:40 min || Size: 30.0mb

Title: Strings aka the sandwich fic
Author: jerakeen
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,280 words
Disclaimer: I'm lying for a good cause.
Warnings: Underage kids making out in the music room! And sandwiches! This is an AU and I completely disregarded the real age difference between the guys.
Summary: Kris doesn’t mean to break up with Katy over it; it just happens.

MP3 || Length: 16:58 min || Size: 15.6mb

Title: It Wasn't Really Kris's Fault
Author: catalm
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Summary: It wasn’t Kris’ fault, not really. He would get into these situations without meaning to. So what if Enrique Iglesias picked him out from the audience and brought him up on stage?

MP3 || Length: 17:52 min || Size: 16.4mb

And the podfic silsecri won in my 100 podfic sensation contest!

Title: Every Second Counts (On a Clock That’s Tickin’)
Author: spikedluv
Fandom: American Idol
Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Length: 25,605 words
Summary: When Kris hears that the world might end, the first thing he thinks about is seeing Adam again.
Notes: Future!fic, apoca!fic, some angst, loads of schmoop. Written for kradamreversebb using faith_mars’s art.

MP3 || Length: 2:50:03 hrs || Size: 155.8mb
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Torchwood, Sherlock(BBC), and Supernatural podfic


Title: Rebound
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Spoilers for all three seasons.
Summary: The first time Ianto feels it -- a creeping sense of not-quite déjà vu, making his nape prickle -- is when Jack asks him out on a date.

MP3 || Length: 15:02 min || Size: 13.8mb

Title: Homme Fatal, or, Five Ways Ianto Jones is Not What He Seems
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/OC
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Children of Earth
Summary: Torchwood trained Ianto Jones, but that doesn't make him theirs.

MP3 || Length: 22:05 min || Size: 20.3mb

Title: Expedience
Author: cupidsbow
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: All seasons, including Children of Earth.
Summary: There's a reason Jack's never doing that again.

MP3 || Length: 8:23 min || Size: 7.7mb

Title: The Artifice Of Eternity
Author: donutsweeper
Fandom/Warning/Rating: Torchwood/His Dark Materials crossover, spoilers for TW1x01 "Everything Changes"
Rated: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Jack dies. His daemon doesn't.

MP3 || Length: 1:27 min || Size: 1.4mb


Title: Preparing For Change
Author: donutsweeper
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Sherlock (bbc)/His Dark Materials crossover, this is a prequel to the verse created in Haunting Laughter and The Kitchen Equation where everyone has daemons
Rated: G
Word Count: 1766

 John and Jorrun meet Sherlock and Dagany for the first time.

MP3 || Length: 12:48 min || Size: 11.8mb

Title: The Blind Banker episode tag
Author: torakowalski
Words: 635
Pairing: Sherlock/John friendship

MP3 || Length: 5:04 min || Size: 4.7mb


Title: Second Skin
Author: bellatemple
Category: SPN, AU, Gen, drama
Rating: Teen
Warnings: AU, some language
Spoilers: Nothing past the pilot
Characters: Bobby, Sam, Dean, mentions of Sam/Jess
Disclaimer: The characters and basic premise within are property of Warner Bros, Eric Kripke, etc. No money is being made off this work of fiction.
Notes: Sequel to Words Like Violence, so you'll probably want to have read that, first. Second story in my "But Deadly" verse. A podfic of Words Like Violence can be found here

MP3 || Length: 30:06 min || Size: 27.6mb

Stories were recorded with author permission, please let them as well know if you enjoy it! All of my podfic can be found here.
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[Glee podfic] Kiss My Ass by abusing_sarcasm

Title: Kiss My Ass
Author: abusing_sarcasm
Ship: Kurt/Karofsky
Word Count: ~3,300
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic semi-public sex, very strong language. Very strong. Underage drinking, rimming, dirty talk, size!kink, and a bit of bear!kink. Kurt very much topping from the bottom. In a nutshell, just filthy filthy filth.
Summary: "Of all the bars in all the world or whatever..."

MP3 || Length: 23:48 min || Size: 21.8mb
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Like peanut butter and fluff...

Writing and podfic should go together!

Open for sign ups May 16 to May 27 on LJ and DW

So there's a new comm, in which writers create works specifically to be podficced. Which is awesome and really, you should go the site and check it out because I'm not very good at describing things RN. But it's a novel idea and really let's authors work with different formats and have a little fun with someone who loves to read (out loud even) fanfic.

Anyway. Authors needed! Check it out. Open to all fandoms
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[Podfic] SPN and AI RPF


Title: Words Like Violence
Author: bellatemple
Category: SPN, AU, Het, drama
Rating: Teen
Warnings: AU, some language, character death
Spoilers: Nothing past the pilot
Characters: Sam/Jess, Dean
Disclaimer: The characters and basic premise within are property of Warner Bros, Eric Kripke, etc. No money is being made off this work of fiction.
Summary: Jess thought, when she met Sam, that the two of them would grow up, get married, have kids, and have a life. Then she met Dean, and everything spiraled away. First in the But Deadly verse

MP3 || Length: 41:40 min || Size: 38.2mb

American Idol RPF

Title: Too Mer to Woo Peaceably
Author: aneas
Word-Count: 8 500.
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Adam/Kris.
Disclaimer: This portrayal is entirely fictional. Not for profit, just for our entertainment.
Warnings: Another Mer!fic. I’m starting to worry. Also? Incredible levels of crack.
Summary: `Adam bites his lip, sheepishly. “Under normal circumstances, we’d have five cycles of courtship to get used to each other, but these are not normal circumstances. We’re actually on a very strict timeline, Kristopher. Excuse me for being a little anxious this courtship seems to be going nowhere,” he says, defensively.’
PLUS comment tags by akavertigo found here

MP3 || Length: 1:03:08 hrs || Size: 58.1mb

Podfics were recorded with author permission. All of my podfic can be found here.